A Rich Life

The Voyage Begins

Thanks for joining me! I hope you find my blog interesting, entertaining and informative. I’ve set up this Blog thematically to reflect many aspects of my life. The themes I’ve thought of so far are: Academic Life; Practical Sustainability; A Rich Life on a Tiny Budget.

Let me explain the latter:

There is a book called The Two Hundred Pound Millionaire in which an English gentleman wishes to retire, but has only 200 British Pounds to his name. He moves to France, buys an old river barge in need of repairs, and spends the next ten or so years restoring it and plying his way up and down the French canal system trading wine for cheese, cheese for produce, etc. all the while enjoying the gorgeous countryside and fascinating culture. In short, he lived like a millionaire, but on a practically nonexistent budget. That’s my idea of a healthy attitude toward life and money.

So what’s the secret? That’s, in part, what this blog theme is about: how to live large on a small footprint, how to stretch a dollar without tearing it. So look for upcoming posts on: How to fix things so you don’t have to throw them out and buy new; How to gain pleasure from simple activities that don’t cost $; How to work less and enjoy more, in short, how to live the good life. Look for titles such as “The Triumph of the $5 Washer,” “How I went from Dropout to PhD Student on less than $5000,” “Deduction Rules; How I saved Beaucoups Bucks on an HVAC Repair,” and “Percussive Maintenance; the Case of the Recalcitrant Water Pump.” So drop in once in a while and see what’s going on in the rich Life of Mark, his family and friends. It won’t cost you anything, and my hope is that you’ll be richer for it.

Photo credits: The photos in this blog were taken by several special people in my life: My wife Sandy, my sons Albert and Anmarnath, friends Taylor Ross and Angela Wagner, and others. To all of you: Thanks!

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  1. Mark,

    Looks like a great blog, but I have not had time to look very much past the headlines. Thank you anyway for “sticking your neck (or something) out.”

    I have a link to a (very short) video I would like to send you. Unfortunately, I have long since lost any e-mail address you might have sent me. Could you please send me your address?




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