Around the Farm


In 2015 Sandy, Albert and I went in together on a lovely acreage east of Fairfield. It is high country until recently in pasture. This is the site of our family farm.  We laid out and fenced an area for Diamond and Ruby, our pony and donkey, and made areas for growing fruit and vegetables. The first peach trees we planted are blooming, the peas, beans and squash are up, and we see that the honey bees that live in the oak log have survived the winter. Here are some photos from around the place (click and scroll):


This April we did a prairie burn, recommended by the experts to stimulate growth and eradicate undesirable species. In the distant past lightning used to ignite the prairie, as did the native peoples to maintain open hunting ground. So we felt to be part the natural way of things by doing the burn. It went perfectly, which is nice because they can get away from you, as happened when our neighbor let one get away last year, burning the adjoining 10 or so acres. But our burn was well-behaved. Now, several weeks later, it looks great. The grass is vibrant green and milkweed and other prairie species are popping up. 30723789_1709543882467428_4961562433840742400_n