Living with Lyme Disease

In the fall of 2016 I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, no doubt from a deer tick bite. So I’ve got these nasty little spirochetes in my bloodstream and tissues. A month-long round of antibiotics helped for a while, but the critters have a way of hiding, by spiraling into soft tissue, and their life cycles make them experts at surviving and returning.

The net result for me is the same as for many people—aching joints and fatigue, both of which are sometimes severe.

My strategy for dealing with the disease is simple—no special diets and definitely no drugs. I take naps. About every 1 1/2 to 2 hours I crash, wake up refreshed, and go on with my day.

As to the aching joints, mostly the knees and elbows, I’ve had to cut way back on doing the work and other activities I love to do. Or if I do things I love, like hiking, I pay for it in pain. Knee braces help a bit. Lots of rest helps the most.

I don’t recommend Lyme Disease; it’s no fun at all. So be sure to protect yourself when in deer tick country, and get early treatment if you think you have the disease.